A Copy Cat in Hudson

I’m very proud to be a native New Yorker, and not in the “I was born & still live in New York City” way, but more so in the “I was born in this state and love almost every part of it” way. I’m sure native residents from NYC would argue with my title, but those natives are few and far between; I mean what NYC resident is actually from NYC these days?

Although, if all you know about this state is New York City, please get out & explore; it truly is stunning in ways that Billy Joel or Jay-Z never described to us.

Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I have truly fallen in love with all aspects of the Hudson River Valley. Many of the cities that decorate the Hudson have the ease of a small town, but are filled with NYC refugees that still have an appreciation for an art gallery, a pour over cup of coffee, & various food items put on toast…There I said it. It’s kind of the “Brooklyn” of Upstate…No shame.

Recently, Dustin and myself ventured up the Hudson to the town of Hudson (wonder where it got its name from?) We were tripping up there for a weekend getaway from the city, but also checking out the area for a possible new home for us in the far but actually kind of near future (eek!)

In 3 days we managed to…
…Attend The Hudson Chatham Winery’s annual Sangria Festival.
…Enjoy a glass of wine & snacks at (p.m.) Wine Bar.
…Dinner at DaBa, a Scandinavian gastropub.
…Eat after dinner ice cream cones at Lick.
…Take a Pilates class at Hudson Pilates.
…Enjoy the sunrise & sunset on our balcony.
…Shop & pet the store kitty at Dish.
…Brunch in the garden at The Red Dot.
…Visit Olana, the historic home & studio of the Hudson River painter Frederic Edwin Church.
…Peep at the building that will one day be the Marina Abramović Institute.
…Drink lots of coffee at Ör.
…Feast on Vietnamese food at Hudson Food Studio.
…Take a CrossFit class at Railroad Crossfit.
…Stare at the Basilica Hudson, a great music venue, which unfortunately didn’t have any performances for that weekend.
…Inhale a post-workout breakfast at Bonfuglio & Bread.


My favorite pit-stop of the entire trip was at a newly opened cheese & provisions store, Talbott & Arding. Owned & operated by a Chez Panisse veteran of over 5 years, the “provisions” aspect of T & A were ON POINT. Along with cheese, the store is filled with local fruits, vegetables, artisanal goods (you just can’t go wrong with artisanal goods), fresh breads, pastries, charcuterie, and a wide selection of pre made soups, salads, sandwiches, etc. that you can get to-go. It was wonderfully adorable; I could have spent my entire trip in there had I not told myself that hanging out in a specialty food grocery store for 3 consecutive days isn’t normal & ultimately really weird…I just really love artisanal goods!


Eating at T & A, along with being in Hudson surrounded by so many local farms and all their beautiful produce, re-inspired me in the kitchen. I was so inspired upon my return that I whipped up a rendition of the beet and yogurt salad that I had for lunch at Talbott & Arding (alongside a hummus, pea shoot, & shallot sandwich, fried chicken, and candied ginger for dessert), I got really creative with the recipe…I copied the exact recipe, BUT added fresh dill. Damn, I’m creative.

Copy Cat Version of Talbott & Arding’s Beet & Yogurt Salad WITH DILL
-6-7 medium-sized (golden, red, or both) beets, stems removed
-3/4 C. full fat Greek yogurt
-1/2 C. shelled pistachios, preferably roasted & salted
-1/4 C. fresh dill, chopped
-Olive oil
-Coarse sea salt

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash & towel off each beet (use a paper towel here for drying, unless you want to stain your kitchen towels), wrap completely in aluminum foil. Place all foil wrapped beets on a sheet pan & leave in the oven for 45-50 minutes. Beets are finished when they’re tender when pierced with a knife. When fully cooked, remove & unwrap foil. Let beets cool completely, 10-15 minutes.
-When beets are at room temperature, trim off the root end, along with the outer skin. Skin of the beets should peel off easily, using a paper towel here too helps! Dice beets into 1″ cubes & put into a bowl.
-Add yogurt, pistachios, and fresh dill to the beets, mix to combine.
-Drizzle the mixture with 1 Tbsp. or so of olive oil, a heavy sprinkle of coarse sea salt, about 1-2 tsp or so, freshly milled black pepper.
-Serve on its own or under a runny fried egg as I did below, enjoy!

Yield: 4 servings



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  1. What a great trip! Yummy copy cat dish.


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