I’m Lindsey, a modern dancer turned personal trainer that happens to be REALLY enthusiastic about health & wellness and all the wonderful things in between.

I first began personal training in New York quickly after I graduated Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in dance performance. My training career grew quickly, and before I knew it I found myself hanging up my “dancing shoes” & grabbing barbells instead.

Along with fitness, cooking has always been a huge passion of mine. Sharing health conscious recipes and preaching the eat real food mantra comes second to my training.

hart & garnet refers to the “2 Brooklyns” that I used to split the majority of my time between. My dude and I now cohabitate in South Brooklyn.

This is a space where I write about all the typical bloggy things that most people don’t care about (except my adorable mother)…food recipes, things to do in a fun city, fitness, nature, and sad attempts at sounding witty. I’m mostly concerned with showing that living a healthy & active lifestyle isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. It can be addicting and ever-so fulfilling.

I’ve been Paleo to vegan, tried long-term juice cleansing to intermittent fasting; I use these many food and kitchen endeavors to influence & inspire how I cook & fuel my body.

When I’m not in the gym you can find me perusing the goods at the local farmer’s market, chasing down a cat to pet, drinking too much Chardonnay, or harvesting my imaginary garden in Brooklyn.

You can also check me out here & here!