An Apology & A Cocktail…

I can’t believe it’s one year later and I’m writing another “sorry I’m a shitty person because I’m moving” blog post. I know, I know…I just need to get over it, get over myself, and get over the stress of it. I have to embrace the fact that I have somehow figured out how to execute something that I’ve wanted for two years. I also have to understand that what I’m doing is comparatively a rather simple occurrence in life that millions of people do all the time. People move to different countries and continents, people move entire families, people are forced to move by corrupt governments, people don’t have homes. This really isn’t that big of a deal.

Yet despite the overall minuteness of this moment in my life, I’m still in a hustled and frazzled stasis. I find myself apologizing a lot, apologizing for my distance, my quietness, my anxiousness or antsy-ness, inability to finish my sentences while I loose my train of thought…


So I’m here to partially apologize for my silence and to notify you that I’m ok and I’ll be back soon. I’ll be in a better head space, with more exciting things to say other than lousy complaints of ‘moving woes’ & mediocre remarks on homelessness and corrupt governments.

Until then I’ll continue listening (cry-laughing) to WNYC’s newest podcast 2 Dope Queens, while attempting to calm my nerves and thoughts by coloring in my adult coloring book, and pack-up my wee Brooklyn apartment that always seems so small and meek until I start packing it…I will also continue drinking these, and leave you the recipe so you can too. Cheers!


Note: I generally don’t drink cocktails other than negronis and the occasional margarita, but after listening to the latest episode of Food52’s Burnt Toast featuring Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau of Spritz and Katie Parla of Tasting Rome, I knew I had to make myself a spritz and buy both of these newly published cookbooks. (And maybe take a trip to Italy…)

Also note that the sparkling Chenin Blanc that I used in this recipe was absolutely delicious. It was sent to me from Club W, a terrific online wine subscription that sends you new wines every month based on your preferences and ratings. Each wine comes with a slew of tasting notes and a recipe that pairs well with it. It’s affordable and who doesn’t want a box of wine mailed to them each month?


Meyer Lemon Campari Spritz
-1 oz. Campari or 2 oz. Aperol
-4 oz. sparkling wine of your choice
-3 oz. sparkling water
-Meyer lemon or orange slices to garnish

-I admit that I really don’t know anything about cocktail making, so I won’t pretend that I do. I first made this in a cocktail shaker, but my ex-bartender boyfriend told me that it really isn’t necessary. I felt more fancy using a shaker, so if you’d like to feel fancy do it!
-If you’re more practical & don’t need more dishes in your sink to make you feel fancy then…fill up a glass of your choice with ice cubes. Add the Campari, and then add the sparkling wine. Add a dash or two of sparkling water, garnish with a slice of whatever citrus fruit you have on hand. My grocery store had Meyers for a decent price so I couldn’t resist. The subtle bitter and sweetness of the Meyer also really compliments the Campari. 🙌🏼



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  1. This looks delicious.


  2. I always love your blogs and want you to not be so hard on yourself.Moving is crazy even if you were only moving across the street because of that little word called change.It is hard to let go but you are a strong and adorable girl who will find creative ways to embrace change.


  3. I love you Lindsey, cheers!


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