And so it goes…

I know I know, I can’t believe I just started my first blog post with a Kurt Vonnegut reference (cliche much?)

I’ve recently started a journey that seems to be the steepest of hills that I’ve never been more eager to climb and this hill is titled Mount “Self-Employment”. While my time working for a large company was for the most part wonderful, educational, patience-testing, and full of memories, I know that what I truly want out of life isn’t going to come from a bi-weekly guaranteed paycheck.

On paper, I’m a personal trainer…but we are oh so much more than that (well the good ones are at least!). I teach people to squat, press, and deadlift. I also hear about their lives wether good or bad, see them at their weakest and strongest moments (literally!), and help them reach new levels of “self”. Sometimes these levels are physical and on the surface, but frequently trickle down into the inner-workings of their soul, emotions, and confidence.

My clients have also become my friends, I see the majority of them much more than I see my closest of friends. I talk about them a lot and a number of my stories start with “My one client…blah blah blah…does this!”. I’m not sure if they realize how much they influence my life, goals, and ambitions but here is my viral confession of love to them; I love you guys!

This is a space where I will write about all the typical bloggy things that most people don’t care about, except my adorable mother…food recipes, things to do in a fun city, fitness, nature, and DIY cleaning products (no I probably wont write about that, I’ll leave it up to the hysterical Jolie Kerr). I’m mostly concerned with kittens and also showing that living a healthy & active lifestyle isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. It can be addicting and ever-so fulfilling.

Speaking of HILLS (!) and ACTIVE LIFESTYLES (!) and FUN THINGS TO DO (!)…last weekend, myself, my dude, and 4 of our dearest friends made a trip up to Cold Springs, NY and hiked Bull Hill. Being my first real hiking experience I was pleasantly challenged & had a wonderful time, however there was a lot of sweat, curse words, & slips.


We caught an early morning train out of Grand Central Station and were in Cold Springs a little over an hour later. We grabbed breakfast sandwiches (!) and coffee at a small cafe on Main Street and watched as the 30% chance of rain turned to 100% (honestly what is it with meteorologists these days?) Luckily the small storm lasted about 30 minutes and on we went! The beginning of the trail was about a 20 minute walk from Main Street and the hike itself took us about 3 hours to complete.

Throughout the entire climb, the views of the Hudson River and Upstate New York were absolutely beautiful and once we made it to the top we gnashed on some jerky & home made “Cardamom and Fig” granola made by yours truly, recipe to come!



We made it to the top! P.S. The stud to the left is a Strongman/hair stylist named Jeb who can probably lift your car & the hunk relaxing is Maillard. He owns a new and bad-ass Crossfit gym in Prospect Heights & he also loves the decline bench.


My dapper & sch-weaty man.

After the journey, we ventured back to town and had “several” celebratory ciders and glasses of wine at the Cold Spring Depot, a lovely casual local joint with lots of outdoor seating and a delicious turkey burger!

It was wonderful doing something active on a summery “Sunday Funday” that didn’t involve the usual 3+ glasses of rose, over consumption of guacamole, and other reckless decisions…not that there is anything wrong with that.

D’accord, Happy Monday to all; here’s to a wonderful week, journey, and blog ahead!


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  1. Congrats Linds, can’t wait to read along!!


    1. Thanks so much Ash, happy to have you as a reader!


  2. Such a wonderful read and I too start out a lot of my stories with, “my trainer says…”
    I can’t wait to read more and I look forward to our sessions this week!


    1. Thanks Becky! Excited to train you this week! Xxoo


  3. Great work Ling. No shame in loving KV. Keep ’em coming.


  4. Great work Ling! No shame in loving KV. Keep ’em coming.


    1. Thanks Glenny! Xxoo, I knew someone would appreciate it!


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