On Basketball, coziness, and everything else in between

Well resolutions are in full swing, along with the bitter cold New York weather, and me falling in love with Syracuse Men’s basketball all over again, it’s quite romantic…

If you live in an area that is so fortunate to experience winter in full swing, than these next few months can be particularly challenging. Everyone begins channeling their inner homebody and we get really excited over the little things, such as a balmy 35 degree day (that’s one less layer!).

It eases and motivates the winter mind moreso when you have small things to cheer you up, goals to achieve, and exciting events to work toward.

What get’s you through winter? Here are some things that help me…



Putting all your new holiday gifts to use; I was graciously gifted Yotam Ottolenghi’s (swoon) cookbook Plenty from my beloved sister. Above is the process of his broiled eggplant, pepper, & tomato soup. A thick & smokey soup that gets pureed, topped with tangy yoghurt, & basil.


Cozy mornings at your desk with candles, wool socks, coffee, & bowls of “good-for-you” things.


Taking advantage of the abundance of various root vegetables, squash, potatoes, etc. Mario Batali’s warm potato salad from his new cookbook America: Farm to Table.


Keeping your Vitamin C levels up & bumpin’ with all the citrus fruits being harvested…in Florida… Broiled grapefruit with coconut palm sugar, ground cardamom, & cinnamon.


BITTER GREENS! All the bitter f’in greens…Above: a radicchio and blasted Brussel sprout salad with fresh oregano & sesame seeds.


Saturday morning workouts with friends that kick your ass & deserve breakfasts that look like above…a mix of arugula, spinach, & radicchio topped with fried egg. Toast with mashed avocado, coconut oil, and grainy mustard, yum.

What’re you counting down till? What’re you looking forward to in the spring months?

Personally, I’m counting down till my first trip to California with two of my best friends in March and an impromptu family trip to Disney World for my sister’s birthday, she’s turning 30…yeah, we’re mature. I’m also eager for catching up on all the Oscar movies, March Madness, and continue working through my collection of all the Ruth Reichl memoirs.

Happy winter, stay cozy & classy!


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