Goodbye To All That

Well I did it. I moved out of New York City. A task, a journey, a decision that I never thought I would do, and definitely never thought I could do. I also never thought I’d read so much Joan Didion in one month.

It wasn’t romantic and it wasn’t sentimental. I barely cried and barely reflected. Like every other thing leading up to this move, the actual ‘moving day’ just felt like another day with a checklist of chores to complete. One more thing to cross off before I could proudly call myself a full-time resident of Hudson, NY.

And now I’m on the other side of it all, the stress has been lifted, and I’ve been sleeping 9+ hours a night, oops.


My dear friend Genna asked me the other morning if I could describe my first few days in Hudson what 3 words would I use. I said, “quiet, calm, stagnant”.

Despite our apartment being situated on a ‘busy’ road, I’m still adjusting to the sheer quietness of it all, along with redefining what ‘busy’ means.

All is calm. Having agreed with myself to take a few days ‘off’ after the move, I didn’t work for the first five days, or as my father says, “living the retired life”. However, it felt good to join the workforce again a couple of days ago, I just don’t do well with a lot of free time on my hands…an attribute gifted to me from my aforementioned father and/or too many years living and working in New York City.

I guess the word ‘stagnant’ can seem negative and scary, but this is a different kind of stagnant, perhaps a stillness? I use this word because I haven’t really developed a routine yet. Working on finding the rhythm and setting the pace. Work, play, work, play. What will the typical ‘day’ look like? When should I go grocery shopping? What time does the gym open? Who teaches the best Pilates class? Which local farm has the best eggs? Which laundromat should I use? Which bank? All these little questions that are barely considered prior to relocating, but are now rippling through my mind with each day in my new home, my new town. It’s all very exciting.

And in case you were wondering…I’ve already found my favorite grocery store (Secondary to all the wonderful & locally owned specialty stores in town, of course). In fact, Dustin and I have driven to Price Chopper almost everyday since moving because I still can’t get over the excitement of driving 4 minutes, shopping in a store with 20 other customers with aisles that could fit hundreds, putting your groceries in your car, and driving 4 minutes back home. So this is how the rest of the country lives?


The first meal that I christened my new kitchen with was from Bon Appetit’s May issue, the travel issue. Spring minestrone verde, served with pistachio pesto and a greedy hunk of Bonfiglio & Bread’s rustic altamura loaf. The recipe calls for Tuscan kale, but I threw in big handfuls of baby kale from the Hudson Farmer’s Market. I also picked up some homemade chicken bone broth to use for the stock, and tossed in a dollop (or two) of bacon fat that I had packed and moved with me from BK (you don’t just toss your jar of solidified bacon grease just because you’re moving…).

Very pleased with how this soup turned out, I tried for another ‘Bon App’ recipe from the current issue for our second night’s dinner, a crunchy veg bowl with warm peanut sauce. I subbed out the bean sprouts for alfalfa sprouts, and added toasted sesame seeds on top for an added crunch. It yielded a good deal of leftovers that we’ve been rearranging in various combinations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the past week.

On the third day, I knew it was time to start baking and getting a feel for my oven. I whipped up a number of loaves of Four & Twenty Blackbird’s nut and seed bread that Food 52 recently featured.


The bread has a sultry molasses flavor with lots of crunch. The bake took much longer than anticipated, but building a relationship with a new oven also seems to take much longer than anticipated. I attempted to make crackers out of said bread (inspired by locally famous baker, Mimi at Little Ghent Farm who just co-authored a newly released preserving cookbook!) and realized that this relationship just isn’t there yet…


However as I’m sitting here, dunking these rather pathetic and unevenly baked crunchy bits into my coffee, I’m realizing that perhaps this could be a genius biscotti recipe in the making…



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  1. Love your cute kitchen!


  2. I am so touched to be included in your blog! Loved reading more of your reflections and seeing a kitchen pic. Proud of you on that job girl


  3. Jealous! I want to come for a visit!


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