As of a week ago, I had never been to California, crazy right? In fact the furthest west I had ever been in this country was Tennessee…I’ve been so very fortunate enough to have spent the last 8 days with my two best friends Holly & Christina, exploring this very long state that everyone raves about. To quote our many drunken rambles, this trip really was “epic”; my abs still hurt from how much I’ve been laughing & while I know my attempt to document everything we did over the next three posts won’t do a single memory justice, I hope you get a small sample of the ridiculousness that ensued.

First, I have to tell you about these two women, it actually makes me laugh to refer to them as women, because in my head we’re still just 18 year-old girls starting college. It had been some time since the three of us were all together, but as we celebrated Holly’s 26th birthday on this trip, I realized we’re growing up and no longer just ‘girls‘.

Christina “Tina” is a Long Island native, newly granted citizen of Italy, cancer, tequila-drinker, vegan (ugh), who has compared herself to Joe Pesci but in reality looks much more like Kim Kardashian. She is a buyer at Beacon’s Closet and knows more about fashion, style, makeup, and anthropological studies than anyone I’ve ever known. I mean do you know anyone that wears Miu Miu & can give you a detailed analysis on Ghanaian culture?

Holly is a native of SoCal, grad student, pisces, fluent French speaker, beer brewer/drinker, who is known to play the banjo and roller derby but has put these on pause until she gets her PhD, she’s legit. She does research in applied behavioral analysis while working full time in that same field. She may loose her wallet more often than some people get their hair cut, but she is so damn intelligent, hard-working, & caring.

Instant friends since we first met in college, Holly & Tina are my rocks, foundation, support, confidence, inspiration, glue, other sappy words, etc. I may not see them for long periods of time, but when I do, I feel as if no time has passed. They love me unconditionally, call me out when I’m being ‘ridiculous‘, embrace that I lack serious modesty, and tease me endlessly. (I know them so well that I know they’re going to cry when reading this, tease me about it, then read it again and cry some more…guys? guys?!).

Being with them during this trip made me realize that as we get older (using that term very loosely) our lives become more & more different, but our compassion & support for one another grows, and the time we’re able to spend together means a little bit more…

Day One: Tina and I both flew into LAX & Holly picked us up. Being that Holly had to still juggle work and school during this trip, we spent some time in Ventura, a bit north of L.A. Despite Tina and I feeling as if we’ve traveled to the end of Earth and back, Holly took us out for jet-lagged beers and tacos at Social Tap, showed us around Ventura, drank more beer, & then we slept like babies.

Day Two: Tina and I were the ultimate trophy wives while Holly worked. We grocery shopped, went to the mall, worked out, drank iced coffee, got asked if we were cousins, made a surprise birthday cake for Holly, and a yummy dinner for her to come home to.


On the table: Laura Wright’s spaghetti squash noodle bowl with lime peanut “special” sauce, scallion pancakes, roasted chicken breast,  toasted peanuts & sesame seeds, rosé.


Happy Birthday! Cake! Funfetti with way too many sprinkles.




Day Three: Holly’s birthday. Woke up, morning hike in Ventura.



After hike we got green juices, manis & pedis, lolz. Below me in flip flops, sunglasses, no makeup, green juice, who am I?


That evening we drove into LA, now I understand why everyone complains about the traffic.


In downtown LA, we had dinner at Badmaash, yum. Samosas & chick peas. We saw Dan Savage’s Hump Film Festival (if it’s coming to your city go see it!) and met up with Lily, a college friend who I hadn’t seen in years.


And this was just the beginning, more to come!


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