I have a problem & I don’t think I’m alone, in fact I’ve been hearing alot of twenty-somethings saying the same thing…

…I’m falling out of love with my metropolitan life. There I said it, have I lost all my coolness now? (not like I have much to loose, ha!)

I know, I know, returning to the day-to-day routine after an incredible vacation can always make one think extreme ideas & that a change is definitely in order. That feeling has a tendency to subside after a few days of being back on the daily grind, however what happens when that feeling doesn’t subside? Moreover, what happens when that feeling continues to get stronger & stronger each time you step away and return to your current situation?

After driving around Ventura, CA, whitnessing a different and dare I say it…suburban way of life (gasp!), and chatting with Holly & Tina about it all, I just really am craving a simpler life. I’m not even sure what that entails, but I do know that 1.5 hours a day on the M train isn’t a part of it.

Born & bred in Central New York, I can’t deny my love for almost everything upstate. The Catskills, the Hudson Valley, hell even the small rural towns outside of Buffalo where my father is originally from are so very dear & comforting to me. Perhaps this is the next step for me, perhaps I need to experience a town where the population is small but the aisles of the local grocery store are large enough for two carts to pass through, perhaps I’ll hate every part of it & demand to move back to a city where artisinal coffee shops are on every other block & public transportation can always get you home even if you’ve had too much to drink, perhaps.

After milling over the idea of venturing somewhere upstate & reading far too many articles in regards to leaving a city, I couldn’t help but be moved by this article…I’m the suburban transplant in which they speak of, seasoned by New York City for the past 7 years, living in Brooklyn, making homemade things, spending $8 on green juices, and maybe I’m just ready for my homecoming…

Lovers, friends, family, clients, etc. be not alarmed, I’m not moving anywhere in the immediate future, nor am I moving to California, but my time there sure brought a number of feelings to the forefront of where my next stage of life should be…

And now back to your regularly scheduled program:

Day Four: Early rise in Ventura, we grabbed snacks, coffee, & hit the road en route to San Francisco! Six hours and ALOT of Beyoncé later, we landed in the Mission District of San Fran. Here is where we found our adorable studio apartment that we would be staying in for the next two nights.

Once settled, I went for a run to explore the ‘hood. Damn, there are so many hills. Found myself in Bernal Heights Park & hiked up to this spectacular view of the city.


Princess Ti-Ti in the event space/dance hall that our apartment was above, going hard with her Goyard.


Holly & Tina relax in the aparment. Note the best tub in the world that made us feel as if we’d been kissed by mermaid angels.


Saturday night’s dinner was at Jasmine Tea House. Hands down, the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. Stuffed my belly with egg rolls, chive dumplings, pork buns, vegetable fried rice, and sesame chicken. WOW.


Our Pisces birthday girl being cute before our night on the town. After Chinese feast, we found ourselves at a very dive-y place, Mission Bar. Later, bar hopped to a number of other places with Tina’s friends Shelby & Carlos, drank lots of beer, made lots of friends on the street, praised some guy for being from Connecticut, threatened some people, you know typical drunk people stuff. Zero to sixty.


Day Five: A sunny Sunday. Holly and I had the most “Californian” brunch at Cafe St. Jorge. Breakfast sandwiches & a shared orange blossom waffle, no one had makeup on & everyone was beautiful and smiling.

Found these gold rocks in our apartment from the prior night’s festivities, not sure how they got there, dubbed them “friendship rocks“, lolz.


Later, Holly & I rode the BART, experienced The Ferry Buidling, walked through many piers, saw sea lions & Alcatraz, ventured to Fisherman’s Wharf, ate crab chowder in bread bowls, drank white wine, had a really nice Uber driver named Todd. Teenie stayed home, nursed her hangover, & took a bath in the blessed tub.



Holly & Lombard Street, curves yo.


Day Six: Woke up much more refreshed after a quiet night of yummy Mexican food & a 10:30pm bed time. Packed up our things and headed to San Luis Obispo for a 21-hour overthrow of The Madonna Inn…

Last morning in the cozy Mission apartment; a queen in a queen.


More to come…


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  1. What a fun adventure! Thanks for sharing it.


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