Les Vacances, that’s French for Vacation…

Growing up in Central New York, your state geography class sounds kind of like this, Social studies teacher with obligatory matchy-matchy jewelry set: “Canada, SYRACUSE! Albany, it’s the CAPITAL! Poughkeepsie, wealthy people, and NEW YORK CITY! Oh yeah, Buffalo and Binghamton are there too…Questions?”

Over the summer, Dustin and I have been venturing up north and exploring various towns between Albany and New York. The train runs parallel to the Hudson River; the ride is scenic and gives you a small taste of each little town that decorates downstate New York. Each venture I’m learning more and more about the beauty (and geography) of this lovely state that I’m so proud to call home.


Our recent journey detoured away from the Hudson and up into the Catskill Mountains. Our bus led us through New Paltz, Kingston, and continued up into Woodstock, Saugerties, and ended in Phoenicia, NY. We stayed 2 nights at The Graham & Co. an old Phoenician motel that 2 years ago was morphed into an extremely modern, hip, and minimalist resort.


During our 3 day stay we consumed many glasses of yummy wine, lazed in and around the Graham’s pool, attempted to go for a run on a busy road, rekindled a campfire (Dustin’s doing), and basked in the quiet & calm that took a good 8 hours for me to adjust to (even the cell service was limited; I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that one!).




After our time in Phoenicia, we headed up to Syracuse, to celebrate the “end of summer” in the place that truly means “summer” to me, my parent’s quaint lake house on Oneida Lake in Bridgeport, NY. This place is really my “happiest place on earth”. When I think of growing up I think of the Lake, when I think of my family, I think of the Lake, when I think of nature, I think of the Lake, can you tell I really like this place?


In Syracuse we continued to consume many glasses of yummy wine, took multiple rides in my father’s boat, stargazed, watched my mother make delicious salsa & sangria (this may sound like a very common “Mom” thing to do, but if you know my mother you’ll understand that her making something in the kitchen is pretty epic and should be recognized whenever it occurs), had hours of chit-chat or “rapping” as I like to call it with my family and our closest friends, and even had a day at the Great New York State Fair…yes we had wine slushies, because that’s what you do at state fairs.


The time away was absolutely wonderful, being with my loved ones in nature & escaping from the chaos of Manhattan was just what this lil’ lady needed. However, this is probably one of the first trips that Dustin and I had taken together where we didn’t really exercise…

Both of us being trainers, fitness & exercise is part of our everyday life. Going a number of days without lifting weights started to make me feel a bit nutty & most definitely guilty, but honestly I had no desire to workout which is an unfamiliar feeling for me.

In my slothy moments I realized that dumbbells, barbells, cables, etc. will always be there, so will fitness, and so will my personal fitness. My path as an athletic & active individual is forever & constantly evolving, and 6 days of minimal exercise and rest isn’t going to stunt that evolution. Sharing coffee in the morning with my father, sneakily eating fudge with my mother, lovingly teasing our parents with my sister, and cuddling up with my honey and watching the stars…now those are fleeting moments that warm my heart much better than any Kettlebell circuit could.

In an attempt to get some exercise in, Dustin and I did come up with a few great travel workouts; especially great if you are sans weights & want to be outside.

The 2 Minute Tripper
-10 rounds of 2 minute moderate to challenging paced runs worked in with various bodyweight exercises between each of the 2 minute runs.
It looks like this:
-Run 2 minutes, 20 walking lunges, run 2 minutes, 20 step-out side lunges, run 2 minutes, 10 broad jumps, run, 50 squat-jacks, run, 10 squat jumps.
-Repeat that entire sequence all over again to complete the 10 rounds of intervals.
-Feel free to get creative and plug in your personal favorite body weight exercises ie. pushups, burpees, plank holds, etc.

I’m Going on a Boat and I Want My Arms to Look Good
-200 push-ups on an incline for time.
It looks like this:
-Find a bench, deck, counter, etc. and complete 200 push-ups on an elevated ledge, try to beat your partner!

Burpees for Wine
-For every bottle of wine you drink the day before, you complete 50 burpees.
It looks like this:

I hope the end to your August was also a bit slothy, restful, spent with loved ones, and started with breakfasts that looked like this…


Labor Day has come & gone, put your whites away, get back on the horse, get to school, get to the gym, eat an apple, and maybe some squash!


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