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No!!! Say it isn’t so!!! Post-Christmas/holiday season depression…does anyone else experience this as badly as I do? I mean one day I’m hand rolling home made cinnamon buns and listening to Jimmy Stewart scream about “BEDFORD FALLS!” and the next I’m dramatically sobbing alone in my apartment with an overstuffed suitcase to unpack and curing my woes with take-out Indian food…


My time in Syracuse with my family for the holidays was wonderful. I attempted to (force) feed them more vegetables & greens, making a salad of radicchio, endive, butter lettuce, and candied walnuts for Christmas Eve, blasted (wonderfully burnt) brussel sprouts on Christmas day, and a red cabbage and delicata warm salad for my last night in town. Almond bars and cinnamon rolls were also made, devoured, and demolished.

Because you just can’t have enough pictures of cinnamon buns…

A salad of endive, radicchio, butter lettuce, candied walnuts, shaved Parmesean, and a shallot-balsamic vinaigrette.

A plate of all the essential Yacobush Christmas goods: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and recently added…brussel sprouts!

While I know my father was convinced that the roasting brussel sprouts were going to ruin the flavor of his Christmas turkey, and that my mother was puzzled as I topped a cabbage salad with pomegrante seeds, it was wonderful cooking for them. While our taste in food is vastly different, I appreciate their willingness to try my dishes, or as they were dubbed “squirrely treats”. Perhaps in the new year, they’ll find themselves choosing a vegetable for a side rather than fries, opt for a banana rather than a cookie, or even try quinoa…ok, maybe the quinoa thing will be for 2016.

My lunch for the train ride up the Hudson: BLT, egg, crudités.

Playing with A Couple Cooks’ gingerbread recipe & cookie stamps, zomg.

The commencement of a new year is always such an interesting time, both acknowledging the good and bad of the past year and setting goals for the new year ahead. As a trainer, I’m frequently looking at goals and success through numbers…did my lifts go up? is my time faster? Have I lost inches? Have I lost weight? Have I gained muscle? Have I lost fat? As I look back on 2014, I’m asking myself all these questions and realizing that in terms of performance, statistics, and other assorted numbers my improvements may at first seem minimal and even perhaps small. While I wallow that I only added 40lbs to my deadlift, my boyfriend and talented trainer points out that’s close to a 20% increase. Can you imagine if you continued to add 20% to your lifts each year? Those numbers would be very impressive in 5 years time!

It’s easy to punish yourself for not loosing those last pesky 5 pounds, not quite getting those strict pull ups that you wanted, or hitting that 225lb back squat, you must have compassion for what you DID accomplish and be proud that you have goals and standards for yourself that you seek to achieve each year. Acknowledge that those 40 pounds added to your deadlift, new pant size, or :32 second improvement on your mile time all required work, dedication, and motivation…Ain’t nobody can take that away from you!

After saying goodbye to my “home-base” gym of 3 wonderful years in June and transitioning to the lifestyle of an indepdent trainer, I’ve been exposed to so many more of these hard-working, dedicated, and motivated people that I speak of. Fortunate enough for me, a number of these people are my clients, whose work and efforts both in and outside the gym continue to inspire me and push me to be a smarter & better trainer, athlete, person, lover, human, teacher, and friend in 2015.

Happy New Year my friends! Eat some greens, lift some weights, read some books, hug your loved ones, drink a stiff drink, take your vitamins and stay hard-working, dedictaed, and motivated to do what makes you happy all year long.


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