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After my many creative & utterly elevated food recipe posts (there are 3), I’ve realized that most people (me) are more interested in photographs of said creative & utterly elevated food recipes and less concerned with the actual “how to” portion. Please enjoy, get inspired, and note that putting a fried egg on anything makes it elevated, right?


Sauteed broccoli & kale, poached egg, black sesame seeds on top hot oat bran cereal, sounds a bit ridiculous but tastes like grits to me. However, I’m not from the South, my judgement of good vs. bad grits is non-existent.


Red cabbage, tomato, & chickpea salad dressed with a garlicky tahini dressing and lamb meatballs. Theme & dressing inspired by this, I used tahini instead of almond butter. Meatballs from the infamous Molly Wizenberg.


Steak tacos with ALL the fixins…homemade guacamole, radish, tomato, bell pepper, romaine, cilantro, lime. SPICY and HOT roasted sweet & purple potatoes served with melted queso fresco. And yes, we always drink wine out of snifters, particularly when eating tacos.


Toast slathered in butter, homemade tahini, coriander blistered tomatoes, fried egg to seal the deal. Accompanied by…


…girly salad, red cabbage, pink radishes, sweet balsamic vinagarette, poppy seeds.


A dinner date with many hot woman older than myself at Maialino, in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Somewhere between the delicious soppressata piccante, the carbonara with guanciale and egg, and the many glasses of wine, I managed to only capture Dustin’s flight of aperitifs at the end of the night. I also didn’t want to be that girl taking pictures of her plate at a restaurant, lame.


Cavatappi with garlicky acorn squash & roasted Brussel sprouts with beaucoup de kick and spice…a raddichio and sunflower seed salad with a sweet grainy mustard vinaigrette was being camera shy.

In other news…

Dustin and I ventured up to Hudson, NY a few weekends ago to scope out the scene. We confirmed that this is the ideal area to launch our next big venture in life and business, Lift Farm. Stay tuned!

I’m about to finish Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl; it’s perfectly witty & odd, what every woman aspires to be (the cool ones at least, ha!)

I received a Wusthof chef’s knife for my birthday in October, it has changed my life, along with this.

If you’re not familiar with the publication Cherry Bombe, check it out! It’s a phenomenal publication focused on highlighting and bringing together women in the food industry. I’ve recently been binge listening to their podcast Cherry Bombe Radio hosted by Julia Turshen…and do I even need to mention Serial?!

My training has recently been much more aesthetic focused versus performance focused. If you train mostly for performance wether it be running a faster 400M or adding 15 pounds to your deadlift, and your feeling slightly fatigued with where your progress is going, I highly recommend trying a 6-week split program to give your body & mind a new challenge. I’m learning a ton & have a whole new respect for body builders and other physique competitors, not to mention my deltoids have never looked this good, jus’ sayin.

I went to a book talk/debut/negroni drinking event at The Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO for Gabrielle Hamilton’s new cookbook Prune, inspired by the dishes served at her restaurant…Prune…It reads like a manual for a line cook in her restaurant, which can be very confusing in the best & challenging way possible. She’s just wonderful & badass.

ok, plenty food for thought,


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